Tuesday, March 22

square one brewery @ brunch

Let me start off by saying that I love Square One Brewery in Lafayette Square.  I've always had fantastic and delicious experiences there.  But (MAN ALIVE!) my latest escapade left me wondering if this was the same place. Had I not been before, I would likely not go back. 

We walked in and popped on up to the bar while we awaited the arrival of our other guest.  Apparently, this annoyed the bartender.

However, much to the bartender's dismay, my guest asked about brunch-time drinks, and she begrudgingly rattled off a few basics.  Luckily for us, soon after our mimosas came our third guest arrived and we headed for the dining room.

The main dining area was bustling and the late morning sun poured in through the gigantic windows.  We were seated and opened the menu to find a much larger selection of drinks than 'Bailey's and Mimosas' (I'm talking to you, bartender). One in particular caught our eyes. 

As noted on the menu, Square One's 'Beermosa' is recognized as one of the best drinks in St. Louis. With half Square One Spicy Blonde and half orange juice, sure, I guess it's a cute idea, but hardly the best drink (ahem, go to Aya Sofia and get a fresh-apricot-bellini. Now we're talking.).  To me, it tasted of nothing more than a Blue Moon. Want to try one? Pull yourself a draft of Blue Moon, pop an orange slice in it and BLAM! Welcome to Beermosa.

For my meal, I ordered one of my favorites: corned beef hash.....

...and I couldn't even finish it.  Now, as a girl who was taught to always clear your plate, this is a big feat.  But this was one of the most over-salted dishes I ever eaten.  Plain and simple. Bleck.

On the good side of things, however, the waitress was excellent.  On a hectic morning/afternoon, she was flawless.  But for me on this morning, not enough for a saving grace. I promise that Square One is one of my St. Louis favorites but just not this day.

bottom line: i will most certainly go back, but not based on this.

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